Our Story

Our journey with SNAP!N started as a way to fill a spice rack-sized gap in the market. People were making their own pizzas and pastas, but the condiments and seasonings available in the market did not make the cut for us. We set out to make cooking at home an accessible and flavourful experience. We wanted the homemade pizzas and pastas to have their time to shine.
Selling to budding home cooks was a challenge, seeing as how we were budding home cooks ourselves. From finding the right sources to the right way of preserving them, we would be lying if we said many mistakes were not made. No one thinks about the best clasp for a bottle cap until you are in the thick of it, and we were. As individuals from finance and import backgrounds, our co-founders, Vishal and Dhruv did what they knew best - they researched, they compared, and they observed. 11 years later and we can now safely say that food consumes us.
Diving into the world of seasonings taught us a lot and we continue to adapt. We narrowed our sources down to the exact farms and be it Dehradun or Turkey, we went down there ourselves to make sure we knew exactly what we were selling. We identified our top sources and sourced the spices and herbs at the origin (read: the farms). We tested multiple dehydration techniques to preserve the herbs, while making sure we get the best flavour out of them. As people on the hunt for the right products ourselves, we knew going into this that the question of revenue is beside the point if we didn't discuss the value our products bring to consumers.
Finally, we have come a full circle to understand how good quality ingredients can make simple dishes a flavourful and luxurious experience. This has helped us expand our range beyond pizza and pasta seasonings -  the crunch of garlic and sweet onion flakes for your soup, the earthiness of herbs for salads and sautéed veggies, the taste of cheddar in the Cheesy Garlic Bread mix, special shake-shake bags for our Piri-Piri Mix and your fries, and easy flavours for your coffee with Coffee Sprinkles.