Mihir Suvanam

The first cocktail that blew my mind and introduced me to the world of discerning flavours was The Old Fashioned. I was in a secret underground bar in a fish market in Hong Kong completely spellbound by this drink so I asked the bartender to show me how he made it.

All he did was muddle together a sugar cube, a teaspoon of water and three drops of bitters in a beaker. He poured this mix over a block of crystal clear ice, added in bourbon, sprayed the juice of an orange peel on the glass and served it to me at the bar. ⁣I was mesmerised by the performance and the end result! 

I started spending increasing amounts of time (and money) exploring the mixology scene of Hong Kong and even planning trips to other countries just to visit specific bars. ⁣

Now I’ve moved back home to Mumbai where the mixology scene is still nascent. So I started experimenting at home - initially to just satiate my need to drink better and eventually, as I grew more confident, to host family and friends.

I’ve started playing around with more complex techniques and unconventional ingredients - sometimes it's a hit, sometimes not so much - but the process is everything. Also, how many hobbies out there actually have the ability to make other people happy?

You can follow Mihir's journey with cocktails, here.

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