Vernika Awal

I had always been fascinated with the world of food and remember browsing through newspapers and magazines as a kid just to land up on the food and lifestyle section.

I'd read and imagine vividly all that used to be written and wished that one day I'd get to be a part of this delicious world too.

I started exploring food seriously in terms of cooking and checking out new places when I started living alone as a college student during my graduation from Delhi University.
I made the city my own, one plate at a time.

Even when I used to work as a journalist with a renowned national daily, the thing I looked forward to the most was trying out the food at the office canteen and office surroundings, once our pages had been dispatched to the press.

It is then that I realised that my true calling had always been food and culture. This made me revive my blog Delectable Reveries and I started blogging there frequently about food, culture and history.

Eventually I quit my job and began working independently as a journalist and continue to write for myriad national dailies. Almost 3 years back I began working on the concept of #DelectablePunjab through which I aimed to document the culture and cuisine from my home state of Punjab.

With more and more being talked about the state in reference to the new-age loud music and drug issue, this was an attempt to highlight the deep rooted rich culture, before it is lost to time. For this topic, I have been running the series on my Instagram feed under the hashtag, #DelectablePunjab. Apart from documenting this digitally, I also host seasonal offline food pop-ups on this theme.

Food for me is more than just what we eat. It is identity and a way to connect with your roots and preserve them.


Check out recipes by Vernika - Spicy Garlicky Paneer Tikka  and Yoghurt Mint Dip

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