Banana Honey Toast

Snacking with SNAP!N - Banana Honey Toast. 

Craving something sweet on a lazy morning or evening? We gotchu.

Spend exactly 10mins on this wholesome, sweet snack.

1) 1 Banana
2) 1 tbsp Honey
3) Butter
4) SNAP!N Cinnamon Powder (to taste)
5) Bread of choice (we're using the Wholewheat Sourdough from The Baker's Dozen

- Cut banana into thin slices
- Toast and butter slice of bread
- Assemble the banana slices on the buttered bread
- Generously pour honey
- Sprinkle SNAP!N Cinnamon Powder (to taste)

If they're in season, try this toast with the little elaichi bananas for added flavour.


Order the SNAP!N Cinnamon, here.

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